One Way Café

Dig into God’s Word

Every day at the One Way Café Scripture is on the menu.
Kids will learn important biblical truths and hear the gospel all from biblical accounts that include food.

Here’s what they’ll learn:

God Loves Us No Matter What

Bible Exploration: Genesis 2:7-9, 15-17; 3:1-6, 15

God created us, and even though we sin, He wants to be close to us and promised to provide a solution to our sin problem.

Bible Memory: 1 John 1:9

Jesus Is Powerful Enough to Care for Us

Bible Exploration: John 6:1-14

Jesus' power shows us that He is truly God's Son and able to meet all our needs.

Bible Memory: Acts 10:38

Jesus Saves Us from Our Sin

Bible Exploration: Matthew 26:26-29; John 14:1-11

Jesus died and rose again so we can be forgiven for our sins - fulfilling God's promise to Adam and Eve.

Bible Memory: John 3:16

God Provides for Us Every Day

Bible Exploration: Exodus 16:2-20

Just as the Israelites depended on God daily for manna and quail, we must develop the daily habit of depending on God.

Bible Memory: Philippians 4:19

Jesus Is Preparing a Place for Us in Heaven

Bible Exploration: Isaiah 25:6-9; John 14:2-3; Revelation 21:1-7

Because of what Jesus did for us, we have the hope of spending eternity with God in heaven.

Bible Memory: 1 Peter 1:3b-4